Feb 15, 2011

Post post Valentine's Day

Gosh, where did 15 days run off to? I haven't been able to sit down or even mentally compose a post. I currently have a "full house" with my parents moving in upstairs, my sis and her kiddo on a visit and my own mother-in-law to stay here for a few days. Starting with their arrival all at the same time, life has been hectic, to say the least and it is all I can do to keep up with what needs to be done, let alone blogging!

Finally, today morning, I was able to take a good look at my garden that has been miserably neglected except for watering for the last few days. Hmm.. things were actually going according to that gardening maverick Nature's plan rather than mine. While I would have brilliant flowers and soft grass, Nature roots for the prickly touch-me-not and miscellaneous burry and spiky grass that shoots way up above all my puny excuses for plants. Huh! So I declared WAR on Nature and after watering, put in more than an hour of spadework, digging around plants' roots and planting half a dozen new plants that my parents brought when they moved in. Then I played about a bit squirting vermiwash and sprinkling compost (we're huge on organic farming here).

When all was done, I was pleased except for one thing - in my enthusiastic spadework, I had sliced off part of one of my big toenails along with a bit of skin. The spade was newly sharpened, so I didn't even notice till I was done working (note to self - wear shoes the next time!).

So to take my mind and yours off the gory toe, here are some flowers from our trip to Munnar:

Feb 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yay! I get to celebrate one more birthday. The calls started coming in yesterday and today I logged into my social networking sites to see the wishes of a lot of friends. A big thank you to all of those who took the time to wish me!!!

I can't believe that I love birthdays as much as this little girl used to...

A birthday is no longer an anticipated party or heaps of gifts, nonetheless, it's pretty sweet. Thank y'all once again!

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