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Star Sighting... Alas, not by Me!

There is no denying that I'm a starstruck person. I enjoy movies and follow my favorite movie stars' news and all that. But there is some part of me that shrinks from meeting them in person. I could say that I like to keep them as stars and not find that they have feet of clay or pimples on their face. But that would be just lying. It's the sneaking feeling that I will make a prize donkey of myself by blurting out some humongous blunder. For example:
Me: Sir, I really loved your work in Natholi oru Cheriya Meenalla! Megastar Mammootty: ?!?!!?!?!!?
I have a chronic case of the cringes. I can remember the most trivial of social gaffes I have committed years ago suddenly and cringe and shudder. For example, I met one of DH's former bosses last year- a person who he admires and who I had come to admire a lot too. I couldn't come up with anything better than the meanest, most trivial things to talk about when I finally met the wonderful guy. I still cringe and suppress…

Crazy happy!

One of the greatest perks of being a SAHM is the leisure to think, analyze and do some things that one would never get a chance to do otherwise. For example, one of my morning activities is (as you may all know by now) is waiting near our gate with our younger kiddo till his school bus arrives. We spend at least 10 minutes a day doing just that. Sometimes I take my phone with me and catch up with my blog reading on Feedly. But mostly I leave my phone behind and sit chatting to my newly five-year-old.
Today as we sat there, after a bit of tickling and poking of my cheek with a prickly globe amaranth (vadamulla) bloom, Ani was sitting in my lap when a mynah flew down a few yards from us. They are common here along with some more pretty and cute fauna. We watched the little bird hop along and I tried to imitate its call. This led me to listen for more sounds of the denizens of the air around us and I could make out at least 6 different sounds. 
Last month I had shown Ani the Greater Cou…

Productivity tweaking - too much?

Of late, I have been slightly obsessed with productivity enhancing tools and articles. This year I started listing out my daily to-do list in my daily journal in addition to the reminders for daily jobs on my faithful Astrid. Every morning, I wrote out a big list and chose three MITs (Most Important Tasks) to be completed that day in addition to my menu items for the day. Okay, this listing, so far has been done about 80% of the time till yesterday, at a cursory glance through my journal. On travel/vacation days as well as some stretches when LIFE happens in all caps, this has not happened. And did I manage to finish all list items every day? No way. I was lucky if I could finish at least the MITs!
The news that Astrid was acquired by Yahoo! and is going to be taken off the web (part of me still screams, "Why, why, why???" in true soap opera fashion) knocked me off my feet. For the first time in years, I've had some semblance of accomplishment of my daily routine and he…

Ups and downs!!

The past two weeks have been interesting ones at Karthi. At first we had a couple of unwelcome guests. A very nasty couple I must say they were and it must have been a hasty marriage of convenience. We were taking cold precautions and so a cold virus and influenza virus got together and attacked our home. First DH went down. When he showed signs of getting up after three days, I went down, then Nikhil got the fever. The symptoms were interesting - we had all the usual cold symptoms, high fever that in my case peaked four hours after I took fever medication, body aches, heavy head - rather, you might ask what symptoms we did not have, that would be easier to enumerate.
Suffice to say, I had barely scraped my head off my pillow for the first time in four days this Tuesday when my driving instructor came along. He had, after innumerable delays in getting my learner's license processed, managed to get me a driving test slot for the fourth of July (yesterday). There I was, barely abl…