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Soul Lessons

Scene One The Bank
I am overjoyed to see that there are only a few customers due to the early hour. I join the slightly amorphous queue for my transaction.
A slightly elderly lady cuts ahead of me taking advantage of the shapelessness of the "queue". She studiously avoids my annoyed gaze.
Someone whispers in my head, "She is giving you a chance to be a better person". I look at the side of her head and forgive her for her action. I am probably inconvenienced by an additional five minutes, but it's okay. I have another transaction at the bank and that is completed very pleasantly and efficiently. I am satisfied.
Scene Two The Village Office
The queue here is enormous. I hand my old land tax receipt to the peon who finds the correct register and places the receipt as a bookmark on the right page. He puts my register beside another tall stack at the working clerk's side. I am not even in the first stack! Plan to stay for at least one hour here.
A man walks in…