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A Prayer for Peace

My heart goes out to all Mumbaikars shaken by yet another dastardly terrorist act. I hope God gives them the strength to go ahead with their lives normally once again...

Must see movie!!! Review: Salt n' Pepper (Malayalam)

Malayali cinema fans, rejoice! The terrific trend that started off with Pranchiyettan and the Saint last year continues! I am still savoring the delectable treat after hours of watching Salt n Pepper. One thing is sure, I'll surely be watching this movie again and again! 
The story in short: Kalidasan (Lal), an archaeologist and Maya (Swetha), a dubbing artiste are both working in our capital city and get accidentally connected over food. How they come to do it and what happens later is the simple theme. Food is as much a character in the movie as anyone else - enhancing the emotions, serving as background, connections, memories, even providing the perfect disguise for love sometimes. I fear I would be giving away too much of the movie if I were to go into a detailed description of the roles food plays. In this revolutionary year, we've seen many actors finally breaking out into new areas - look out for Baburaj in the movie! Lal doesn't just play the role with consummate ea…

Of gold and treasure

One of my friends commented on my last post that the cushions looked "ethnic". I was wondering about the reason for the comment when I saw that the cushions looked all golden in color. I had to go and check to make sure that they were not all golden like they looked. In fact, a close up of the fabric might be of help here: 
That is the wonderful texture that I fell in love with. Hmm.. but it does irk me a little bit that it looks golden from a distance - which is because I am not an admirer of gold except in very teeny tiny amounts...
Speaking of gold, the current favorite hot topic of Malayalis everywhere is Sree Padmanabha's treasure trove. For some it is a matter of immense pride - they speak of the hoard as though it was dug up from their own backyard. For some it is a matter of social injustice - to have so much wealth lying inert when it can be used to help the poor/ improve infrastructure/ enrich more Swiss banks, etc. Somehow, when I see people discussing the conte…

Another project over!

I had been looking askance at our sofa cushions since we moved back here. They were a horrible, office-chair blue, pilling all over, stained  and even torn in a few places where the kiddos had been rough on them. When I told my DH about setting my hand to sewing new ones, he VERY KINDLY reminded me that one of our rooms was still missing curtains - a project that I had started a year ago! Hmm... so I promised him that I would get them done, and we went shopping for material on the 25th of June (timelines are very important here!). I chose a beautiful russet fabric with raised design that looked tough enough to last through two boys' childhoods (being very optimistic has always been a failing of mine) and then I went a step ahead and chose a contrast fabric for covering some non-existent cushions - which had my DH totally puzzled. The first thing I did on the 26th was to sit at home and sew curtains for the last room in the house - this is the result

With that out of the way, I star…

Special Day!

He can recite all 20 of Ben Ten alien avatars in the order they appear in the title song.
He thinks nothing of pouring away a month's worth of coconut oil.
He sometimes keeps me company till 11 at night to watch Castle, which he calls "Cassoo".
He cannot fall asleep without clutching somebody unless he's in a moving car.
He pulls up my plants and flowers while I am weeding.
He loves experimenting with toys almost to the extent of the evil boy in Toy Story 1 - fortunately he doesn't put them back together in macabre combos.
He will give you kisses as long as you can convince him that he CAN'T kiss you.
He can out-glare you when you try disciplining him, but will break down and cry if you show an iota of sympathy.
He will sit at your side and soothe away any hurt saying "It's okay".
He has all of a younger brother's cunning and will scream to have his way with his elder brother.
His younger cousins can hurt him all they want, but he won'…

Have elderly parents in your care?

It's been an exhausting two weeks and I miss my blogging world. My mother took a misstep three weeks ago and fell on her left side. By the next day, her left lower leg was swollen and although I recommended an x-ray, she and my father brushed it off saying that it was a bruise that would go away with regular applications of the ubiquitous panacea - the kuzhambu. I should have pressed harder - but it is difficult to argue with people who have been the ones who always knew better. So I kept quiet until the next week my mom took an outing and then had unbearable pain, which she told me about only two days later. I pushed her harder and then she relented and went to a local clinic. But the GP there took her word for the injury and my parents did not push the x-ray question. The result? She hobbled on that bandaged leg for two more days till it started bleeding one night and we had to call the ambulance to take her to the hospital at midnight. The first thing they did at the hospital w…