Dec 14, 2011

Out of my blue funk!

What with one thing and another, I've been in a blue funk. But today I looked at my mail and found one from FlyLady with the title "Let there be peace on Earth, let it begin with me" and another one from my ACIM Daily Lessons that says "Anger must come from judgment. Judgment is the weapon I would use against myself to keep the miracle away from me." I guess the universe is telling me to quit worrying and raging and start living again. So be it!!!!

Today I would like to tell you about a fun and beautiful lifestyle shop in our capital city. It's called Sarwaa. Nestled in an old Kerala-style transformed home on Shankar's Road in Sasthamangalam, it is a veritable haven for all lovers of beautiful objects. This is how I got there: my friend Remya introduced me to Alicia Souza's blog which led me to the Chumbak site and I searched for outlets for their products in Thiruvananthapuram. That's when I found Sarwaa. I made a quick dash to get their "You Know You're an Indian" poster currently framed and hanging on my living room wall...

and these cute charms that are my favorite zipper pulls...

I promised myself another, detailed visit soon, but didn't think it would be accomplished so soon.

Yesterday my sis and I went for a more detailed look at the shop. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we spent almost two hours in the shop looking at the merchandise! The gracious ladies allowed us to take as many pictures as we wanted. I regretted not taking my trusty Canon with me, but my sis's phone was put to great use...

There is a goodly collection of masks...

My favorite room with all small knickknacks...

 Chumbak products in the baskets...

That colorful container is covered with zippers!!!

Chumbak tins!!!

The pottery shelf...yummy!

Even though I cling to my kids "babyhood", these cute little chests of drawers make me wish that they will grow up into sedate beings fast so that we can have these at home without risk of damage... storage and beauty - winners all!

One of these Buddhas too is on my wishlist

We were so engrossed in the shopping experience that we forgot to take pics of the clothes and jewelry sections. Do take a dekko yourselves when you go!

Now that can beat any blue funk....!!!!


  1. Lovely pictures! Came here via Chumbak FB page.

  2. Oh wow...I am jealous about u.:P
    I love each piece of Alicia's art..:)


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