Dec 1, 2011

Back like a bouncy rubber ball!

Yep, I'm back again after about two weeks of inaction and peppered with quite a few hospital visits for my MIL that culminated in balloon angioplasty. I woke up today with the mild beginnings of a cold - not surprising due to the extreme weather variations (cold, frosty nights, humid rainy days, extremely hot and humid days, all mixed up like a regular aviyal), constant travel and worrying over whether the middle part of Kerala will end up in the Arabian sea one of these days if our "democratic" government doesn't take immediate steps.  It's not a wonder that I am not in a worse state.

So hey, it's the first of December - the last month of a wonderful year that has seen some brilliant half-efforts (e.g., NaNoWriMo ) from me as well as some splendid procrastination (countless projects, ahem)!  I got up this morning fully intending to write out a list of projects that need to be completed before the new year and guess what? I decided to coddle my headache a bit and ended up reading some of my favorite blogs like Attic 24 that have cheered me up! And now I have to see to breakfast....Oh well!  I'm already feeling the bite of my special December bug - the organizing and decluttering one, of course. Let's see....


  1. What will happen to the middle part of Kerala!!:((

  2. Yep Suku, that's exactly what has me in a bad mood these days. But there is no use worrying about it. Pray that nothing will happen. If it does, take steps for restoration. Meanwhile, set up a vegetable garden because already veggies are not coming in from TN! :-)


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