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Movie Review - Traffic (Malayalam)

What a way to begin movie-watching in the new year! If "Traffic" is any indication of things to come in the new year, I'll be one happy movie fan!
"Traffic" covers the events in a time span of 12 hours in which the lives of a bunch of strangers are irrevocably changed in totally unexpected ways. A seemingly common motor-bike accident acts as the trigger for a totally engrossing and thrilling ride - I would've worn a seat belt if I could! It's a total writer's and director's movie - the best kind there is. Bobby and Sanjay, I would say that you have finally come into your own after "Ente Veedu, Appoontem" and "Notebook". All the characters from the dedicated womanizer Jikku to the best friend Rajeev who is determined to give his friend the best gift possible are well-rounded. The huge ensemble of characters (thankfully super-heroless) have carried off their roles like the veterans they are. Kunchacko Boban delivers a surprisin…

A new year and writer's block

Hmm..., I've been shillyshallying too long thinking about what the first post of the new year should be about. Should I write about the year gone by? Should I write about the projects I'm looking forward to in the new year? Or should I write about a book that I've read recently? Aaah, disease detected, it's my old pet perfectionism rearing its beguiling little head. So this post is designed to break the pattern and get me started off once again.
The day after Christmas, we left on a 5-day road trip. On our way to Munnar, we decided to drop in on a set of my husband's cousins who have been inviting us for a veryyyy long time. Well, we couldn't just 'drop in' on them, mainly because we needed their help finding our way to them. So we got to the 6th Mile junction on the Munnar Highway just 10 minutes ahead of the time the infrequent bus made its way into the forest. This is what we saw:

We were looking up at a pretty rugged road that we didn't feel up t…

Happy New Year!

We were out gallivanting last week, testing the limits of our 9-year-old car on the high-range roads of Munnar. Still lost in the umpteen beautiful sights we saw on our trip. What a fitting way to say goodbye to a fun-filled year and start a new one. Here is one big HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us here at Karthika!