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Drooling over these...

In a rare peaceful half hour at home, I've been just browsing and these caught my eye...

Ahh... what I would not do for a pair or two of sturdy fabric gardening gloves that can withstand the touch-me-nots and rough spade handles.

If any of you have any idea where I can lay my eager paws on a pair or two of these, please lemme know!!!

P.S.: They don't have to be PINK - that's just for a little eye candy!

- A gardener who has had to dispose several torn latex gloves!

Movie Review: Ordinary

I would like to say that the movie is "Extra"ordinary, but that would be an overstatement. However, I did enjoy the movie very much and after a pretty long time, found a Malayalam movie whose climax I could not predict. (Last week we watched "Masters" and right after the second murder, I guessed the whole theme - after all I AM a big fan of "Castle").
The story in a nutshell: Iravikkuttan Pillai (Kunchacko) gets a job as a KSRTC conductor and is allocated to the sole KSRTC bus that travels up to Gavi at the western end of the Pathanamthitta district. He befriends the gruff driver Suku (Biju Menon). The slightly awkward conductor slowly becomes a heroic figure in the small Gavi community till things turn topsy turvy one fine evening.
The first half is a superb socioeconomic commentary delineating the ailments of the KSRTC, the entrepreneurship of a village damsel called Kalyani (newcomer Sritha), the largeheartedness of the Panchayat President (Lalu Alex…

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I admit it, although these past days have been full of "busyness", I was stumped for a topic to write on... That is when I came upon this idea in one of my blog rambles: Let me proceed with the Simple Woman's Daybook  prompts .
1. Outside my window: A hot summer day is winding down. The sun has finally dipped right to the horizon and the wind is picking up and redistributing the heat waves off the land.
2. I am thinking: that perhaps I should be starting dinner right now - but these prompts have me too excited!!!
3. I am thankful for: all that I touch and see and hear right now. But most of all I thank the fan that is turning overhead and helping me not turn into sweaty mush!
4. From the kitchen: No eatables, but I have my favorite SFO mug right now with the dregs of my evening tea in it. 
5. I am creating: A crocheted mat for our coffee table. At least, the pattern's all written out and the supplies are gathered!!! :-) Also my novel is still progressing.
6. I am going: to…

Summer break!!! Busy, busy, busy!!!

Things have been hectic in Karthi these past two weeks: but they are a good hectic as opposed to the previous months' health scares. Mid-march, our elder kiddo was done with his annual exams, but he did not have anyone to play with because all our neighboring kids still had their exams to wrestle with. Fortunately, we did have a teeny trip of two days to Kottayam to attend this:

Yes, my mother-in-law had offered to have two Garudans from our home for the family temple festival and we had a lovely time attending all the various parts of the ceremony. I am really sorry for not having good pictures because our rechargeable batteries chose to give out at the crucial parts and I didn't get any good pics of the performance itself.
But hey, I'm jumping ahead... The day started with a carpenter shaving off spools of mango-tree wood to make the necklace for the Garudan - the ceremony is called "Mampool" (Mavu - mango tree, pool - wood-shavings). You can see the 'pendant…