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'ello, 'ello, Gecko speaking...

I've always wondered about geckos. I mean, how do they move into a new house? I imagine they watch out from the nearby houses as a new house comes up and go, "Hey, that's a new 3000 sq.ft double storey going up, it's time the kids move out!" "D'ya think they'll have lots of built-in cupboards?" "Oh yeah, I saw the carpenters bringing in lots of MDF boards, so it's likely there will be a lot!" And then a few of them come to check out the new home in the dead of the night and call dibs on the coziest and darkest corners.  Some might go, "Hey, don't take any apartment in the southwest corner, it'll be very hot!" and another would reply, "Cool man, there's a jackfruit tree just outside, so it won't be a bother!" And even if the lights have not been put in, they call dibs on the best eating places too.

By the time the house is ready for occupation, the poor humans think that they are the first ones to…

Not a question of sour grapes... :-)

I missed watching the Oscars this year and anyway I would have missed the red carpet appearances. Today I saw the news about "the Jolie leg" that supposedly has a Twitter account now. I was just going through the pictures when I came across this...pic courtesy Reuters

Leave the infamous leg alone, take a look at the right arm that is swinging backward... I didn't see any comment on that arm. The paparazzi are ready to jump on anything that has even a faint scent of anorexia and they didn't see the skeletal arm???? For heaven's sake, it's like looking at an X-ray picture!
Years ago I read Naomi Wolf's "The Beauty Myth". Two decades later, I think no one in Hollywood has read it as yet. Keeping fit and healthy is one thing, I think Ms. Jolie has serious body image issues here!
And come to think of it, I don't like that knobbly-kneed leg either - however well it has been buffed, polished and made up! Yuck!
Thus I retire from my writing assignment …

A Busy Sunday Morning

The Karthas were very busy this Sunday morning:

A hundred and eighteen coconuts dehusked. Hats off to the unknown inventor of the easy coconut dehusker... he has made this job infinitely less dangerous to our lives and limbs!

A lot of vigorous cracking later...some whole copras and a lot of halves were basking in the sun. While I broke them open, I remembered one of the store clerks in an HEB store in Houston questioning me. He had just scanned 5 individually shrink-wrapped coconuts for me when his curiosity got the better of him and he asked, "Would you mind telling me how you manage to open one of these?" "I use the blunt edge of a cleaver," was my answer. "You just knock the coconut with it and get two exact halves?" "With a little practice and a lot of luck!"
After all these years of practice, I still consider myself lucky if I can get two perfect halves!!!
All of us were pretty tired out after the unusual exercise. The youngest member of the fa…