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Movie Review: Mallu Singh

We at Karthi are all for variety when it comes to movie fare: be it action, tame "family" fare, romance, suspense thrillers - we are ready for anything and everything except for some absolute mishmash like "De Ingottu Nokkiye" (our horrible movie "gold" standard of all time). So when we had some friends over this weekend, we chose "Mallu Singh" knowing very well that it was not critically acclaimed.
Keeping in mind that being story-less is the new story, this is what ensues: Ani (Kunchacko Boban) leaves his ancestral village for Patiala, Punjab in search of a long-lost cousin Hari (Unni Mukundan). He does find a Harinder Singh there, but as the integral part of a Sikh family with four beautiful sisters to boot. Ani's mission is then to find the mystery behind Harinder Singh's amnesia which has made him forget even his fiance who happens to be Ani's sister Achu (Samvrutha Sunil).
In keeping with the movie's location which is the …

Anjengo/Anchuthengu and Varkala beach

or how even a poorly planned outing can turn out all right in the end!!
In a rare weekend that DH got off work, we set off shortly after sunrise for a coastal drive to a historic fort and to have some fun on the beach. As usual, I was the navigator and set the course for Anchuthengu fort - better known to us as the site of the first native resistance against the British in Kerala. I took the help of my Google Maps app to make a beeline to the sea coast from our place and then to proceed north along the coast. Accordingly, we reached the road and "coasted" at a leisurely pace, breathing in the sea air, glancing almost into the fresh fish baskets and enjoying it all when all of a sudden, we came to this:

Yeppppp, Google Maps omitted to tell me that a bridge is still undergoing construction. I got out of the car and headed towards the sand bank to see if there was another way to get across and discovered that we could - IF our car could transform into a hydroplane, that is. So…

Movie Review: Grandmaster

You can't go wrong with this one. After a series of so-so's, we are on the third in a winning streak with Ordinary, 22 Female Kottayam and now Grandmaster!
B. Unnikrishnan's latest may be based on a Hercule Poirot novel (wanna know which one? :-)), but has a lot of changes and embellishments to keep it fresh and full of suspense till the end. Mohanlal plays a reluctant policeman thrown into a fledgling task force that must gain a name for itself or perish. That is when a criminal mastermind invites him to play a deadly game of chess with him. He cannot but accept the challenge, especially when the lives of his dear ones are at stake...
The cast including the newcomers have done a beautiful job. It was a wrench to watch Seetha and Roma in uncharacteristic roles, but they have done very well too. 
Although the movie has slightly more drama than a good detective movie ought to have (but hey, I am a fan of Castle and cannot complain!!!), altogether, it is well-paced, has lot…

Movie Review: 22, Female, Kottayam

What is it with two Kottayam movies coming to theaters almost together? There was Kottayam Brothers aka Kobra and Aashiq Abu's latest of the name given above - makes a native of Kottayam viz., yours truly pretty happy.
There was a sizable crowd at our neighborhood second-string theater for the matinee show. Warned about the content, we had left the kiddos at home and were accompanied by my MIL. She bemoaned the fact that we had left the kids at home, but only a little into the movie, she was totally silenced. Yes, it's not a movie to take one's kids to. It's dark, it's disturbing. It's totally true. In fact, it should rather be named "10-60, any female, India" which would have been more apt.
This it the premise - A young Malayali nurse Tessa (Reema Kallingal) meets a young travel agent Cyril (Fahad) and agrees to shack up with him till it's time for her to leave for Canada. Little does she know that she has let herself in for some horrendous expe…

Living up to the name

Yep, gonna live up to the blog's name.
Yesterday night, I was sitting peacefully having finished most of the day's chores when I heard an intermittent soft plopping sound. Rising reluctantly, I checked the bathrooms for open taps, but was puzzled when I couldn't find any. The plopping sounds came about once in every 10 seconds and I kept looking around for the source till I reached my kitchen...
My wet grinder was going on merrily in the kitchen. It had evidently decided that Christmas had come early this year. So it was decorating a circle 3 feet around with artistic blobs of white dosa batter that looked uncannily like snow. One side of my red fridge was looking very pretty with the pretty white splotches.  The Empire State Building magnet looked like it was actually in mid-winter Manhattan. The floor was still being bespattered in beautiful random patches. The beautiful contrast of my black granite counter tops and the white blobs were breathtakingly beautiful. I calle…