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Signing off in 2011. Wish you all a Happy New Year!!!!!

Just a few hours more to kick off a new year... The past week has been to busy for much introspection. Tomorrow being New Year's Eve will be another busy day, but I'm sure we'll not be staying up for the midnight birth, but will greet the sun on New Year's Day.
Looking back, even though not in detail, I can see two things: I have not reached all the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year - but hey, that's being a prey to the perfectionist attitude that I am fighting anyway. In my accomplishments kitty, I have a whole jumble of things: sofa covers, an 80% complete novel outline, a completed mural, a Peter Pan costume that I made from scratch except for green leggings, more curtains, movie and book reviews, a whole lot of writing both on and off-screen. At the risk of sounding like Bridget Jones, I also lost about 6 kilos and gained back 5 of them and routine exercise is still a dream. But since I was noting down my exercise days, I have found that I…