Dec 18, 2011

Movie Review: Arabiyum Ottakavum P. Madhavan Nayarum, Oru Marubhoomikkatha

Phew, what a huge name to give to a cinematic nonentity!!!!
In case you have purchased tickets for the same, let me tell you how to endure enjoy the movie...Excise your faculty of judgment and leave it at home. If possible, also gouge out memories of many English movies that you have seen before, especially parts of Serendipity. Ask your kids to share some of their sense of humour with you which will include appreciation of kicks below the belt, innerwear waved about in the air etc. Take lots of popcorn if that helps. Please don't do like we did and go for a late-night show - am still regretting the lost-forever hours of sweet sleep!

Story in a peanut-shell: P. Madhavan Nair (Mohanlal) falls in love with Meenakshi (Lakshmi Rai), misunderstandings develop, he takes a path of self-destruction only to be embroiled in a rigmarole that threatens everything bad that can happen to a guy. Embroiled with him are Eliana (Bhaavana) and Abdu (Mukesh). The whole movie rides on the comic timing of the lead actors and is bearable only because of that. You can say that it is an advanced version of Kakkakuyil in which Sivaraman and Govindan Kutty finally achieve their dream of going to the Gulf and have changed names there. 

All said and done: I laughed till my stomach ached in the first half of the movie and spent time in the second half just watching how the movie would manage to wind itself up. A few belly laughs are always beneficial, right? Now remember my warnings and then go and watch the movie...


  1. When film makers start taking viewers (fans in this case) for granted, this is what happens. You feel like you have just let a camel wander into your tent.

  2. കടിച്ചാ പൊട്ടാത്ത വാക്കുകളാണല്ലോ ഉപയോഗിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നത്. അത്രയും തറയാണോ പ്രിയധര്‍ശന്റെ അവസാന തമാശ പടം.

  3. Kadichittu pottaanjathu enthanennu paranjal oru chuttika eduthu podichu tharaam, mathiyo? :-) I laughed and then was just bored. Poyi kandu nokkkooo, appol pidi kittum!

  4. Ningalu Puliyaanu Ketta!!!Puppuli


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