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Movie Review - Manikyakkallu

M. Mohanan's Katha Parayumbol was an unexpected and runaway hit. We had gone for the movie not knowing what to expect and came out pleased. This time we went to watch Manikyakkallu with great expectations and came out with the feeling that something was missing...
The story is simple: a moribund government higher secondary school in a remote village is revived by the arrival of an energetic and upright young teacher. The premise is good, the situations are believable, but why does it feel too much like a documentary? Or is the final "all A+" SSLC result that is difficult to swallow? Or is it the early breaking of suspense regarding the maash's mission just so that he can have a dalliance (and a wonderful song) with his childhood sweetheart? There are some tear-jerking scenes - but there's absolutely no subtlety about the way they are introduced. 
The actors have done a good job, Samvrutha gets a slightly better role than even Prithvi with her portrayal of a girl wh…

From my bookshelf - 5

It's been long enough since I last wrote about a book that caught my fancy. It's not that I have not been reading any books in the interim, rather I've been reading so many that I just haven't had the time to write about any of them.
The latest book that I've read is Chithra Banerjee Divakaruni's Palace of Illusions, subtitled Draupadi's Mahabharata. Yes, it's another retelling of the great epic. We have had several versions of it including Bheema's version in Randamoozham. This is from Draupadi's point of view. Isn't it a miracle in itself that such an ancient literary work still manages to inspire scores of creative minds and the public imagination after all these ages!
The Palace of Illusions starts with the moment she stepped out of the sacrificial fire after her much-awaited brother - as an unexpected and unwelcome addition. Unlike in the original where she steps out of the fire as an adult, here she comes as a 5-year-old and grows up in …

How to Work Qs

I think I've discovered the best way to work queues in government offices! Y'know, the ones in which you reach the head of one queue only to discover that you have to then get to the end of another one, etc. Here's my secret....
Hunt in pairs!!!
For example, let's say A and B are at a government office bright and early (before the doors open) and find their place in a queue. Even before the doors open, B can stand in the queue while A rushes off to get a forgotten document from the car/ take a Xerox of something etc. Once the doors open, probably half the queue will rush away causing confusion in the minds of those remaining whether they are supposed to be standing in the queue or stampeding behind the ones who broke away. In this case, B can run off with the crowd to satisfy his curiosity while A holds place in the Q waiting for B to get back from his probably useless mission - and it will be a windfall in case the stampede was worthwhile. Now, suppose the officer at th…

Winding up the summer

Last Sunday we took the time to say a proper goodbye to the season with a trip to Happy Land, which happily is just 14 km away from our home. For some reason I have totally lost now, I decided not to indulge in any water ride and didn't even take along a change of dress. The result was that I was the bagkeeper and picture-taker keenly regretting her bullheadedness while my family took full advantage of the park's water slides.

I also tried out new hairstyles for our younger one

And used my stopwatch to see how often the bronze fish deluged the revellers - mostly it took three and a half minutes!

After lunch, we let the kids takeover the "dry" play area while we relaxed in the shade. And this is what we mostly saw... UP

and DOWN, ad infinitum

Then we went on for the nausea-inducing big rides

while he did this

Finally we each had several turns on bumper cars laughing ourselves silly. We returned wholly exhausted, but happy!
Oh you want a review of Happy Land? Compared to Veeg…