Jun 2, 2011

Winding up the summer

Last Sunday we took the time to say a proper goodbye to the season with a trip to Happy Land, which happily is just 14 km away from our home. For some reason I have totally lost now, I decided not to indulge in any water ride and didn't even take along a change of dress. The result was that I was the bagkeeper and picture-taker keenly regretting her bullheadedness while my family took full advantage of the park's water slides.

I also tried out new hairstyles for our younger one

And used my stopwatch to see how often the bronze fish deluged the revellers - mostly it took three and a half minutes!

After lunch, we let the kids takeover the "dry" play area while we relaxed in the shade. And this is what we mostly saw... UP

and DOWN, ad infinitum

Then we went on for the nausea-inducing big rides

while he did this

Finally we each had several turns on bumper cars laughing ourselves silly. We returned wholly exhausted, but happy!

Oh you want a review of Happy Land? Compared to Veegaland, the number of rides are limited - only six water features including the wave pool. But the water was good, the whole place has lots of shade to rest up in, the park is well-maintained and at 350 bucks per head - free for two-year-olds, it was good value for money. Food at the restaurant was not bad either. Did not have the opportunity to check out the toilet facilities. We were totally satisfied. Feeling ready to tackle the new academic year!

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