May 26, 2011

It's that time of the year again!!!

You can guess from the picture - rolls of brown paper, stacks of books, sticker labels, sticky fingers.... Yep! It's back-to-school time once again! Our elder son is starting second grade next week and I'm having fun wrapping his books. Sadly, my supply of brown paper saved from last year has run out and I will need to visit the stationer's to refill. Yesterday night we had a huge thunderstorm with a little rain, so I'm guessing the monsoons will be arriving on time for the school reopening day. Which reminds me - I will have to dig out the kiddo's umbrella which I must have stashed away with last year's bag.
School reopening comes with a lot of mixed feelings. On one hand I wish I could have gone to school with the kiddo - with a whole new set of books, bag and uniform. As adults we seldom get that opportunity to go all new - the nearest we get are new year resolutions. Part of me dreads the parade of tests, term exams and assignments which I will have to track - not to leave out washing and ironing uniforms every week. Why do schools insist on white for uniforms is something I simply cannot understand. It's as though schools conspire to make moms' lives difficult. If I had the power, I would get each school's principal a week's load of my son's soiled uniforms to wash. I am sure they would banish white uniforms forever from their school.
In a way it will also be a relief because I won't have a 6-year-old tagging along all day asking, "Amma will you play Pictionary/Carroms/Tumblin Monkeys with me?" or asking to get neighbouring kids to come or to go to their places to play. And I won't have to stir up any more lemonades and Rasnas this year to slake humongous thirsts rising from hours of play in the summer heat.
Now I will have more time to devote to my creative pursuits - this month I finished two projects. One was an earring organizer for my sis. Then I finished this...

It's not a very good picture of my "mural". I painted it on our living room wall. I went ahead with it after reassuring my husband that it can be easily painted over as anyway our indoor walls have just been primed with a tinted primer. It took me four months to finish - of which I probably spent  slightly more than 24 hours working on it! The design comes from an art deco colouring book that I bought on a trip to Duluth, Minnesota. Looking at it brings back memories of the beautiful drives we took along the shore of Lake Superior in the fall.
So bye bye summer 2011!! Welcome monsoon season!!!

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