May 20, 2011

First Blogversary!!!

A year ago, I wrote up my first post and sent it out into cyberspace. The aim was (and still is!) to get over my innate perfectionist who has this way of belittling any creative effort that I make as "not good enough". For me, it was enough that I was defying that inner critic by sending out posts, but it has given me back so much more in this one year.

The best thing about blogging is my interaction with you, my readers. So many of you have taken time from your busy lives to comment on my efforts and that has been such an encouragement to me. Though I would have made efforts to write even if my readership was zero, it is much more pleasurable to think that my ramblings are reaching and being appreciated by people. Thank you very much!!!

Secondly, putting out my activities on the blog has helped me in my other creative pursuits - I'm spending much less time in front of the TV, watching horrible movies and vegging out. Gardening, sewing, crochet, craft or painting - I'm no expert at all these, but my efforts and their nonperfect results become more dear to me as I share them with you.

Most important of all, I've come to look at life itself differently. Since I have to drum up topics to blog  about, my life is under close scrutiny now. And I see beauty everywhere. I've gained a deeper appreciation for the little things in life - our daily routines, the pranks of our kids, just sitting on our front porch or even pulling up touch-me-nots by the roots. There are moments of peace even in the most hectic of days, when I stand back from what is going on and look at what is happening from the point of view of a blogger. In assessing whether things are blogworthy, I am inspired to make my life even more beautiful each day. The result - I am much more happy! I have always had this dissatisfaction track playing in the background of my head that always implied that I should be somewhere else, doing something grander. But now, I know that this is where I should be, and I enjoy each moment that comes to me.

Yes, my year as a blogger has been truly satisfying. So here is a lovely bouquet for you my readers...

Now I'm off to dance a jig to celebrate being able to stick to a creative endeavor for a year!! Hurrah!

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