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Vacation time is travel and small trips time!

Can you hear the sighs of contentment and general sense of laziness pervading here at Karthi? Yep, the big break of the year is here. No more school lunches to pack everyday, no more nagging about homework, no more hurried bathroom breaks required when the school bus is almost at the doorstep... yep, not for another two and a quarter months!!!
We celebrated the first weekend of our freedom with a mini-outing to a place that was not very likely to hold our young kids' interest. But we were pleasantly surprised when the kiddos enjoyed the trip. This is where we went...

Nope, sorry, not my ancestral home! This is the front view of the Koyikkal Palace in Nedumangadu which now houses a Numismatic Study Centre and a Folklore Museum. The palace itself is a humble dwelling - a grandiose double-storeyed naalukettu. It was abandoned and in ruins when the Archaeological Survey of India adopted it and made it a repository of those ephemeral fragments of our culture that are fast disappearin…

A Kanji day (in the good sense!)

Much needed and heartily appreciated rainy day here at Karthi. Overcast skies, thunderstorm, intermittent showers and frequent power outages. Plentiful "aaahchoos"  and complaints of throat aches to be heard. A perfect day for this...

Hot and steaming Podiyari Kanji with dollops of tangy buttermilk, Vanpayar Mezhukkkupuratti for protein, crisp papads and multicolored fryums for fun, lime pickle for spice. Yum!

Revolutionary Breakthrough!!! Easiest Way to Lose Weight!!!!

Eureka! Eureka!
Last night, several years of my research into finding sure-fire methods for sustainable weight loss reached their culmination! Before I reveal this momentous discovery to you, let me first enumerate the myriad benefits of this ULTIMATE weight-loss method!!!!!!
Eat ANYTHING you want and still weigh NEXT to NOTHING!NEVER again count calories or hunt for calorie charts for Indian foods!Portions size? Who cares? Eat JUMBO size portions of anything you want! Absolutely NO side effects except for lots of confidence and enhanced self-esteem!No need to work hard at the gym ANY MORE and permanently damage your knee joints!Save money by cancelling your gym membership and by never having to buy another diet book/ workout DVD etc. EVER AGAIN!!No Diet foods or costly medications required, it's DIRT CHEAP!!! The results are INSTANTANEOUS!!!!! 
Oh, if I had only known this earlier, I could have escaped from YEARS of misery at being overweight. The solution is so simple that a chi…