Mar 8, 2013

Revolutionary Breakthrough!!! Easiest Way to Lose Weight!!!!

Eureka! Eureka!

Last night, several years of my research into finding sure-fire methods for sustainable weight loss reached their culmination! Before I reveal this momentous discovery to you, let me first enumerate the myriad benefits of this ULTIMATE weight-loss method!!!!!!

  1. Eat ANYTHING you want and still weigh NEXT to NOTHING!
  2. NEVER again count calories or hunt for calorie charts for Indian foods!
  3. Portions size? Who cares? Eat JUMBO size portions of anything you want!
  4. Absolutely NO side effects except for lots of confidence and enhanced self-esteem!
  5. No need to work hard at the gym ANY MORE and permanently damage your knee joints!
  6. Save money by cancelling your gym membership and by never having to buy another diet book/ workout DVD etc. EVER AGAIN!!
  7. No Diet foods or costly medications required, it's DIRT CHEAP!!!
  8. The results are INSTANTANEOUS!!!!! 

Oh, if I had only known this earlier, I could have escaped from YEARS of misery at being overweight. The solution is so simple that a child can do it!

In fact, a child did do it...

Aaaand you weigh....

Yup, thaaat's right, NEXT TO NOTHING!!!!

Disclaimer: Please follow the weight loss method described at your own risk. This website washes its hands of all negative consequences arising from not aligning the chair properly or leaning forward too much over tummy to peek at the scale resulting in overbalancing and subsequent contact of subject's nose with aforesaid scale. Please note that as with all weight loss ads, model in photos is very, very slim.

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