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Movie Review - Urumi (Malayalam)

Wow! I went expecting just excellent cinematography, but came back with a complete movie experience. Santhosh Sivan's Urumi, true to its name, pierces the mind, drawing out an exalted, euphoric state. I came out of the theatre with a thickened throat and stinging eyes, but as Sachin said recently, those were happy tears, so I wasn't ashamed to shed them.
The story is nothing new - in a nutshell, it is the brave and desperate one-man stand against a strong foreign enemy who is aided and abetted by the greedy, selfish and shortsighted among the indigenous people. Here, the villain is the celebrated mariner Vasco da Gama, the lucre is pepper, the black gold of yore and the hero is Kelu Nayanar, the son of erstwhile chief commander of the Chirakkal army, who was murdered by Vasco the second time he came to Malabar.
I will leave the twists and turns of the plot and its predictable ending to future viewers, and wax lyrical about what I loved in the movie. Shankar Ramakrishnan has don…

Happy Vishu!

And now I'm off to the kitchen!