Mar 6, 2012

Not a question of sour grapes... :-)

I missed watching the Oscars this year and anyway I would have missed the red carpet appearances. Today I saw the news about "the Jolie leg" that supposedly has its own Twitter account now. I was just going through the pictures when I came across this...pic courtesy Reuters

Leave the infamous leg alone, take a look at the right arm that is swinging backward... I didn't see any comment on that arm. The paparazzi are ready to jump on anything that has even a faint scent of anorexia and they didn't see the skeletal arm???? For heaven's sake, it's like looking at an X-ray picture!

Years ago I read Naomi Wolf's "The Beauty Myth". Two decades later, I think no one in Hollywood has read it as yet. Keeping fit and healthy is one thing, I think Ms. Jolie has serious body-image issues here!

And come to think of it, I don't like that knobbly-kneed leg either - however well it has been buffed, polished and made up! Yuck!

Thus I retire from my writing assignment of the week - write about something you normally would refrain from writing because it might offend public sensibility. Living dangerously here!!! :-)


  1. She has worked her way to this skeletal framework, by having just a bowl of cereal every day, if news reports are to be believed! :)


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