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The Simple Woman's Daybook

I admit it, although these past days have been full of "busyness", I was stumped for a topic to write on... That is when I came upon this idea in one of my blog rambles: Let me proceed with the Simple Woman's Daybook  prompts .

1. Outside my window: A hot summer day is winding down. The sun has finally dipped right to the horizon and the wind is picking up and redistributing the heat waves off the land.

2. I am thinking: that perhaps I should be starting dinner right now - but these prompts have me too excited!!!

3. I am thankful for: all that I touch and see and hear right now. But most of all I thank the fan that is turning overhead and helping me not turn into sweaty mush!

4. From the kitchen: No eatables, but I have my favorite SFO mug right now with the dregs of my evening tea in it. 

5. I am creating: A crocheted mat for our coffee table. At least, the pattern's all written out and the supplies are gathered!!! :-) Also my novel is still progressing.

6. I am going: to the library tomorrow!!! All the Vishu chaos got me remiss on my book extensions (which happens almost never!!!). So I am off to the library tomorrow with a penitently bowed head and fistful of money...

7. I am reading: "Garden Planning" by Robin Williams (not he of the Mrs. Doubtfire fame, rather someone from the Royal Horticultural Society). I have visions of pergolas, water features, lawns and arches dancing across my mind's eye. But I am sticking to some fairly simple topiary, a few flowering and fruit trees and looking seriously into some xerophytic options fit for Kerala to adorn my garden - I have more things to do than LIVE in my garden!!

8. I am hoping: I no longer hope. I believe and I affirm. Ever since I "heard" the Secret, I no longer hope for anything. It's changed a lot in my perspective of life. I no longer read the newspaper which is full of negativity. We visited our village Expo last week and there was a mobile exhibition conducted by the traffic police. I climbed into the vehicle only to find it plastered with horrible scenes of accidents, things I did not want in my consciousness, it so stifled me that I leapt right out of it. And I kept blessing all careful drivers and pictured smooth and safe driving scenes afterwards.

9. I am hearing: Music from the said Expo. Today's the final day and they are giving out prizes for competitions. Incidentally our kiddo no. 1 debuted his first solo singing performance on Monday. He started Carnatic music lessons two months ago after his class teacher said that he was enthusiastic about her music classes and had no problem singing in front of the class. We thanked her many times for the insight - we would never have known otherwise!!!  His music teacher recommended that he should get on as many stages as possible starting with the one at the Village Expo. So he did, and got through the simple song without a waver! I am so glad that he has not inherited my old knocking-knee problem, hurray!!!

10. Around the house: I've been hunting those pesky touch-me-nots again. I bought a tiny trowel (spade?) at the Expo on Monday and have been uprooting the prickly things that seem to have sprouted everywhere after the recent summer showers. Even though it makes me sweat fit to melt, I keep picturing the destruction of the thorny strands in a fiery blaze and being able to walk barefooted in my yard if I feel like it. That helps me go on...

11. One of my favorite things: Right now, it's my fairly new android phone. I used to be the gal who resisted camera phones and phones with mp3 players saying that I needed a phone just to make calls. Not any more! My phone now does everything from waking me up, reminding me to do important things (like book my LPG cylinder this morning :-)) and keeping me in touch with DH throughout the day with Gtalk. It beguiles me with music, audio books and ebooks when I am bored and keeps me up-to-date with my mail even when I'm far away from my computer. Now if I could figure out a way to make a blog entry too...

12. Something new about me: The confidence and happiness that the Secret has given me...

13. One of my guilty pleasures: Well, I don't think I have one. Unless it's an occasional issue of Femina. That magazine is more a bunch of ads than anything else and once I've gone through the pictures, I always wonder why I bought it paying an exorbitant sum to see photoshopped gals touting exorbitantly priced products that would be of no use to me whatsoever. I buy them only when I go on a train journey - I get one from the railway station. Recently, my purchase also made me be of service to a tourist. Her ticket showed "Quilon Jn." while the board outside proclaimed "Kollam Jn." (Why doesn't somebody update the name in the Railways computer system!!!) and she was justifiably confused. I am sure she hit upon the happy expedient of asking me because I had an English magazine open in front of me!!

14. A few plans for the rest of the week: A library trip, some quality time with my sis and niece who are coming for a visit, more touch-me-not hunting and a detailed visit to the Santhigiri Exhibition of which I had a quick preview today.
15. A peek into my day: Instead, I'll give you one into my past week. Our little kiddo and me at my sis-in-law's housewarming ceremony.


  1. Love the post :) made me smile .

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. Your writing gives readers a very clear glimpse of your day. Gardening touches my spirit. Have a lovely day!

  3. @ Swapna: Thanks!!! Glad to know that!

  4. @ Reecea: Thanks a lot for your lovely thought. I love Texas too, my elder son was born there - we were in Houston for two years.


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