Jul 4, 2011

Special Day!

He can recite all 20 of Ben Ten alien avatars in the order they appear in the title song.
He thinks nothing of pouring away a month's worth of coconut oil.
He sometimes keeps me company till 11 at night to watch Castle, which he calls "Cassoo".
He cannot fall asleep without clutching somebody unless he's in a moving car.
He pulls up my plants and flowers while I am weeding.
He loves experimenting with toys almost to the extent of the evil boy in Toy Story 1 - fortunately he doesn't put them back together in macabre combos.
He will give you kisses as long as you can convince him that he CAN'T kiss you.
He can out-glare you when you try disciplining him, but will break down and cry if you show an iota of sympathy.
He will sit at your side and soothe away any hurt saying "It's okay".
He has all of a younger brother's cunning and will scream to have his way with his elder brother.
His younger cousins can hurt him all they want, but he won't retaliate and will defend them if they are scolded for hurting him.
He has this way of tilting his head and winking with a cutie pie smile that can disarm you right in the middle of a tirade.
He holds our hearts in these little hands.

He turned three yesterday. Our younger son, Nidhin, our Anikkuttan

1 comment:

  1. belated happy bday anikkuttaa...
    sreekala, whatever u had written, touched my heart! keep on writing...


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