Jul 30, 2013

Star Sighting... Alas, not by Me!

There is no denying that I'm a starstruck person. I enjoy movies and follow my favorite movie stars' news and all that. But there is some part of me that shrinks from meeting them in person. I could say that I like to keep them as stars and not find that they have feet of clay or pimples on their face. But that would be just lying. It's the sneaking feeling that I will make a prize donkey of myself by blurting out some humongous blunder. For example:

Me: Sir, I really loved your work in Natholi oru Cheriya Meenalla!
Megastar Mammootty: ?!?!!?!?!!?

I have a chronic case of the cringes. I can remember the most trivial of social gaffes I have committed years ago suddenly and cringe and shudder. For example, I met one of DH's former bosses last year- a person who he admires and who I had come to admire a lot too. I couldn't come up with anything better than the meanest, most trivial things to talk about when I finally met the wonderful guy. I still cringe and suppress desperate urges to find the heaviest pan I can find to hit myself over the head with when I remember the incident. Probably when I encounter someone I admire I should say, "Please discount the things I blab right now and wait for my followup email. I write better than I talk". Which would be the truth anyway!

So now you can guess why I opted out when my family went off to watch the shooting of the new Mohanlal-Priyadarshan movie Geetanjali at a location not 5 km from Karthi this Sunday. The first stars they saw were the director himself and Innocent. 

It's so good to see the veteran actor back from his tryst with cancer albeit weaker than before. The Vanitha story of his meeting with Mar Chrysostom Thirumeni was one of the articles that held us up when my Ma's case was diagnosed. 

And then they got one out of four photo ops that the great actor gave as he came out of his trailer to  act in his next shot.

To DH's regret, Lalettan asked him to pick up Anikkuttan so that he would come in the frame. Little did the great actor know that our 5-year-old firebrand hates to be treated "like a baby" unless HE wants us to. So he struggled at the exact moment the pic was taken. Poor DH, all my sympathies are with him! (Although he will tell you that guffawing loud enough to crack the ceiling is a curious way of showing that sympathy)

As DH was explaining to the kids how a movie is made, a Benz car rolled in and a bearded figure got out. It took him some moments to realize whom he had seen as the person had no connection with Geetanjali

Yes! The great man Ranjith himself. NOW I really regretted not going with my family. But then, it was probably all for the good. The director would have been puzzled by a portly lady blubbering and probably swooning in true Victorian damsel style right at his feet. Thank you God for saving me from a cringe case of gargantuan proportions!

There are a few more pics, but I've shown you the best clicks. Enjoy!

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  1. Loved this one! Good for Rajesh to have met his fav star!!!:) I remember meeting Mohanlal at Blore Airport way back in 1997, when I was 17...:) He was v sweet and gave a nice autograph & Acha being a lal Fan, had lot of fun chatting up...:)))


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