Jul 15, 2013

Crazy happy!

One of the greatest perks of being a SAHM is the leisure to think, analyze and do some things that one would never get a chance to do otherwise. For example, one of my morning activities is (as you may all know by now) is waiting near our gate with our younger kiddo till his school bus arrives. We spend at least 10 minutes a day doing just that. Sometimes I take my phone with me and catch up with my blog reading on Feedly. But mostly I leave my phone behind and sit chatting to my newly five-year-old.

Today as we sat there, after a bit of tickling and poking of my cheek with a prickly globe amaranth (vadamulla) bloom, Ani was sitting in my lap when a mynah flew down a few yards from us. They are common here along with some more pretty and cute fauna. We watched the little bird hop along and I tried to imitate its call. This led me to listen for more sounds of the denizens of the air around us and I could make out at least 6 different sounds. 

Last month I had shown Ani the Greater Coucal/ the Crow Pheasant strutting across our yard and told him its name and asked him to listen to its distinctive call. Today as the bird started asking for salt ("Uppu, uppu"), Ani immediately said, "That's the Uppan!" and we both sat in a sort of rapture just listening to it. Then a koel started its song and I just had to whistle back (yep, that's one of my greatest accomplishments. I can whistle and pretty loudly!)

So the school bus came and Ani said good bye. But the koel and I were at it in full swing. We would have a bout, then the koel would sulk awhile. Then it would start going again and I reciprocated. Each time he gave up and sulked, I laughed. I pulled some weeds in the meanwhile and kept up the competition till my tummy rumbled to remind me it was time for breakfast. As I went in (of course after having had the last whistle!) I was crazy happy and what else did I sing but this...

ഒരു വട്ടം കൂടിയാ കുയിലിന്റെ പാട്ടു കെട്ടെതിർപാട്ടു  പാടുവാൻ മോഹം 
ഒടുവിൽ പിണങ്ങി പറന്നുപോം പക്ഷിയോടരുതെയെന്നോതുവാൻ മോഹം 
(Once again would I love to sing in competition with the koel
Then say "Don't leave" when he flies off, miffed )

Thankfully, unlike the poet, I don't have to just wish, I can do it! So the next time you are feeling down in the dumps, just find a koel to compete with. I guarantee it will make you chuckle and giggle like a giddy school kid! As for the koel, I am sure he'll come again. After all, this was not our first jugalbandi! :)


  1. That was so touching, Sreekala... It was very easy to feel your emotion... simple, and beautiful writing :)


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