Sep 17, 2010

The best time for gardening...

G.. and why I don't complete my weeding

It's tough for me to do any gardening during the week - for one I have housework to do. Also it doesn't help when one's two-yr-old needs full time supervision in the yard. Stooping and babysitting are so not compatible to each other. So last weekend I got up early and was in my garden by 6 a.m. Aah, no interruptions - I marked out a portion for deweeding and got it done within half an hour.

As you can see, there is still a lot of greenery left behind - but there is a reason behind it. I intend to have a natural lawn there instead of planting store-bought lawn grass. It's in part a homage to my most favorite college campus - CMS college. I still remember finding the gardeners in the college wielding two-feet long blades, squatting on the ground and mowing the lawns in wide arcs around them during our summer exam times. With the first monsoon rains, the grass would again shoot up and create the deepest green, sturdiest lawn you would like to step on. No fertilisers required, no extra care required. So I am transplanting all the specimens of this grass to the garden area from the rest of the yard.

Due to all the land-levelling activites in our plot, we have little fertile top soil left in our yard. Sadly, our early vegetable farming attempts died a speedy death. All the seedling sprouted, but in spite of the rain and shine, just withered away. We didn't want to add any chemical fertiliser to the soil, but also didn't know where to get some organic manure. Which is why I almost danced a jig when I found the organic manure stall at the Santhigiri expo last weekend. (More about that in the next post)

Santhigiri Ashram is just 5 km away from our home and they sell organic manure including vermi compost. So guess where we are going this weekend to stock up fertiliser for our coconut trees and garden! Once our biogas plant is in place, the sludge from it will supplement the fertilser. So this is a happy gardener signing off for the week!

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