Nov 30, 2010

Movie Review - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

Ooooh, I almost forgot to tell you about the latest HP release. Yes, I made it to a show last Saturday and liked it a lot. In preparation, I had once again gone through my copy of the book - yes, I have all 7 of them. As expected, the book has been compressed a lot - or they would probably have had to make the movie in 7 parts instead of 2. But the compression is in no way detrimental to the plot line. All throughout the movie, I kept wondering where they would find an apt ending for the first part and was very satisfied. Dobby's death and the finding of the Elder Wand really did make a fitting climax.

One of the things I was pleased about was the way Hedwig passes. I always thought that the book had not done justice to her in the manner of her death and I am happy that the movie does one better. It also lets Harry off the hook for declaring himself with his signature Expelliarmus spell. The endless and futile searching for the Horcruxes has been neatly edited so that it doesn't drag. I wonder if the writers are going to have a tough time finding a possible method for Snape to have sent the doe Patronus when the means of his finding the kids' location by way of the Black portrait has not been shown in this movie. Well, I hope they are creative enough, because rabid Potter fans might be up in arms if they forget it. The transformation of Kreacher takes the backseat in an effort to give Dobby one more scene to show his devotion. I loved that particular episode in the book in which Hermione is finally justified for starting SPEW and would've loved to see it on screen. Harry's conflict over Horcruxes vs. Hallows also is not mentioned in the movie.

So once again, the celluloid version proves itself incapable of encompassing a whole book, but I wonder if someone would think of making a TV show with the whole series unedited. Now, that would be a dream!!!


  1. Hi Karthi...
    For me, nothing beats the book...this film was a much better effort than the Goblet of fire and tHe Order of phoenix, though !!!

    We have so much in common..., it is amazing !!

  2. You're an HP fan too! That's great! Really looking forward to that jharokha tute...


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