My first Idiyappam/Noolpputtu

I was excited this morning when I entered the kitchen - I was going to try making idiyappam for the first time ever! I was so excited to try out my new shiny steel sevanaazhi...

I took the packet of idiyappam podi, followed the instructions to the letter and happily filled the sevanazhi with the sticky dough, squeezed out one nazhi-full onto idli moulds liberally sprinkled with grated coconut and put it on for steaming. Then I proudly called my DH to see it. He took one peek at the now steaming appams and frowned. He has this habit of comparing eatables to the most odious things imaginable - so I begged him not to do so. No, he was just wondering whether the appam strands were supposed to be that thick. That is when I went through the stack of the different chillu that came with my sevanazhi and found this...

Don't get it? Below are both of the chillu - I had first used the one on the left - no wonder my DH started calling it "vadam" (thick rope) puttu instead of "nool" (thread) puttu!

Things went on swimmingly since I changed to the right chillu and I made my DH a huge idiyappam instead of the dinky iddli-sized ones to show him my gratitude....

Yeah, it looks pretty and tasted good too. Doesn't it look pretty coming out of my sevanazhi?

The only drawback was that perhaps I followed the instructions on the packet a little too closely. The dough was tough and I was really glad I have stuck to my new year resolution of doing upper body workouts with weights. Please don't attempt this feat till you are at least doing 10 push-ups a day. I would have been laid up and worse, my family would have had to go without breakfast if I hadn't been exercising! :-)

So much for my adventure of the day. Now my tummy is full!


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