Feb 15, 2012

Just keeping my hand in...


As some of you may know, my father has been hospitalized for a week and my sister and I are taking turns keeping him company at the hospital. By the grace of God, he is out of danger now and the doctors are running more tests to see if he is okay. A huge thanks to all of you who gave us your support and wishes. We hope he will be leaving the hospital soon.

Meanwhile here's a pic for you to think about...

It's a picture of our grocery shopping for the month of February. What's so special about it? Yep, I reused some plastic bags I already had to bring home the goods. How was the experience? I did feel  a little embarrassed bringing out folded old plastic bags from my "big shopper" and passing it on to the bagging lady especially when the other shoppers in the queue stared so hard. I was tempted to explain my "reduce, reuse, recycle"  action plan, but I didn't. And they were too polite to ask. So I will blow my trumpet just in front of y'all :-)!!!!

And yesss, I intend to use these bags again and have put them back in the "big shopper" and placed it in the boot of our car. No additional plastic covers will step across our threshold if we can help it!


  1. Good Job, Sreekala... and my prayers for your family, especially your Dad.

  2. Good attempt Sree. You have really done many of us just 'think' of doing! Great!

  3. Inspiring thoughts sreekala!Kudos to you for the awareness!:)


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