Sep 4, 2012

Movie Review: Run Baby Run

This is the best of the Onam release pictures out there. Sachi and Joshiyyy (that man has mangled up his spelling so much I don't know what it exactly is now) have come up with a winner this time. Let me just give you a small glimpse of the plot.

Renuka (Amala Paul) is a hotshot at a prime news channel. Venu (Mohanlal) is a cameraman of high stature with names like Reuters and BBC behind him. Rishi (Biju Menon), Venu's friend is struggling at the helm of his own news channel that has lost its backers. The three had been thick as thieves until something happened that led to a huge showdown and resulted in Venu going away to Delhi. Five years later, Venu lands in Kerala again and things start happening. Personal issues notwithstanding, Renuka wants a cut of the action too and she will go to any lengths to get a sign-off shot in Venu's work. But this time their snare is too fragile for the big game they are hunting...

Pace: Not a moment to relax and kick back except for the Anthiveyilppaayayil song. Keeps you guessing and second-guessing. I really pity my DH who had to listen to all my hissed conjectures during the movie. Even though some of my guesses were right, I didn't feel let down at any time. 

Biju Menon: Superb in both the comic and serious parts.

Mohanlal: Why do we keep comparing this man's current roles with his past ones? Does very well in this role too. Still I felt sad when I saw snippet from "Desadanakkili Karayarilla" recently. 

Amala Paul: Sizzles up the screen. Does very well in both versions of Renuka. She reminds me of Eva Mendez in some angles and I was surprised when our elder kiddo asked me "How did the aunty from Ghost Rider come in this movie?" So I am not the only one!


Picturization of Anthiveyilppaayayil : It is Mohanlal's best song to date and I have been humming along with the song on radio for weeks now. The movie has spoiled it for me. No connection between the semi-sad theme of the song and the scenes.

I have a huge issue with the writer and the director: The heroine claims to have had six years of kalari training and yet she has to be rescued by the hero all the time?????? Don't these people realize that action by actresses is not confined to Vijayasanthi and Vani Viswanath any more? I seriously advise them to watch other Indian language films!!! 


  1. Got a chance to get into see the blog today.Infact, I am pretty impressed with the content.Nice to see the picture of flowers and vegetables.Will keep visiting :-) - Arun Gopalakrishnan

  2. Thank you Arun! Always happy to get a new reader! :-)


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