Aug 30, 2013

Another craft project out of the way! Yippee yay yay!

Take a look at the following picture:

It's a page from the Jan 2006 issue of Crochet magazine. I ripped it and the accompanying instructions out when I came back from Minneapolis in Dec, 2006 (Luggage space was at a premium, so I couldn't bring the whole mag!)

And today, I give you this:

This is the first doily I've ever tried and you can see it's a bit lopsided because my blocking skills are not that good. It had some tricky stitches in it - a horror called fpdtr (front post double treble stitch) that started at one place and ended somewhere totally crazy. I had to keep glancing at the picture to see if my fpdtr's was going the way it was intended to, and I think they were!

When I completed round 6, I found that these spaces in the middle were not aligned properly and had to unravel all till round 2 and make it all over again. That's one of the things I LOVE about crochet - it's so forgiving, we can always go back to where we made a mistake (provided we find it before everything is cut and knotted up!) and correct it!

The things I like the best about this doily is (a) the three-dimensional fans atop the 'columns' of gaps, (b) those bits of red peeking under the cream in the first contrasting edging and (c) all those complicated fpdtr's making a solid web effect.

So there it lies on our coffee table along with my home decor crochet project from last year. It took me only about SEVEN years and seven months to start this project!


  1. Oh wow... I am intimidated by crochet instructions... I have one tiny book on crochet ... and I have had it for about 10 years now !!!

  2. @ Swapna,
    Somehow, crochet is one craft that has not managed to intimidate me at all! :)

  3. your doily looks very pretty sreekala.which thread u used?i love making doilies with fptr ....bptr.....i do make lot of doilies...but very lazy to upload pictures.anchor tkt 20 threads will be good for doing doilies with intricate stitches.

  4. @ Maya: Thanks a lot for the compliments: especially gratified that it comes from a doily expert. I used some no. 10 cotton thread that I had brought back from the US with me years ago. Still a lot of yarn and thread to finish before I can buy any new :( I promised myself that! Thanks for the info. Could you tell me if anchor tkt 8 would be equivalent of US 10 size?


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