Jan 9, 2014

Movie Review: Oru Indian Pranayakatha

Aren't we in clover! After Drisyam, this Iqbal Kuttippuram - Sathyan Anthikad concoction called Oru Indian Pranayakatha  is a winner!

In short: Aymanam Siddharthan (Fahad) is an aspiring young politician who is widely expected to be successful, but doesn't hesitate to promote himself as much as possible where and when required. Everything seems to be going his way when several things happen all at once and he finds himself toting filming gear for an Indian-born Canadian Irene Gardner (Amala Paul) who is making a documentary. The story continues with their scrapes and narrow escapes. But little does Siddharthan know why Irene has come to India and what she can teach him.

The movie, like all of Sathyan's movies, has a very positive message. I like it better than usual Anthikad movies because it doesn't have that cloying quality this time and neither the lengthy speeches that have appeared regularly of  late.  Humor, romance and pathos are very well balanced and the whole cast has done a very good job. Anyone who has any knowledge of the current political climate in Kerala will surely have a lot to laugh at in the movie. But it is much more than that. And it didn't hurt that most of it was shot in my scenic home district Kottayam, including our CMS College! :)

Even if I thought Drisyam was good, I wouldn't want to watch it in its entirety once again - too nerve-wracking and dark.   But this one certainly deserves a place in our DVD collection.

Dialogue to look for:
"Khasaaakkinte...  vere enthandokkeya vayichirikkunne, ithihaasam vayikkan samayam kittiyilla"

Do catch this Indian Pranayakatha in the theaters!!!

PS: We also caught Philips and the Monkey Pen at our nearest  theater before 2013 ended. It was good although a bit too sugary for me. The performance of the child artistes is unbelievably good. Wow! Our kiddos thoroughly enjoyed the movie and were fully in sympathy with the protagonist kids. Vijay Babu's performance as the transformed Math teacher Pappan is very good too. He managed to invoke the feeling of a very urbanized Kaduva Chacko maash (remember Thilakan in Spadikam?). But I did wonder why little Philip's parents never sought to help him learn something? Very uncharacteristic of Indian or Malayali parents...  :)

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