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Movie Review: Om Santhi Osaana

Quite in non-accordance with our usual movie-going policy at Karthi, we caught the 9:30 pm show of Om Santhi Osaana last Saturday. We expected it to be uncrowded and didn't make advance reservations. Did we learn a lesson from our Drisyam travails? Nope, we didn't! Long story short, we barely made it into the back row of the front section of the theater. Good thing that those seats reclined quite a bit. When I saw extra chairs being lined up beside the rows, I really was thankful that as a family, we tend to arrive rather early at appointments. Unless you  count the time we missed our kindergartener in his graduation costume because we assumed the program began at 4 when it actually was slated to start at 2:30. But we did arrive at 3:15, so you see what I mean by our reaching early:)

To the movie, then! After Abrid Shine's debut venture it was the turn of another debutante director - Jude Anthany Joseph. We were entranced by the little cameo at the beginning of the movie and quite looked forward to the movie itself.

What is it with debutante directors and their thing for nostalgia? Once again, we are reminded of our childhood and the revolutionary changes that have come to pass with our growing up. Pooja Mathew (Nazriya) narrates the story of her life and love. The love story is nothing new - thinking back on it, it's just the ordinary girl-meets-boy story, but the treatment gets full marks. As does the locale, the camera work, the twists et al. We were entertained the whole way through.

Nivin Pauly has little to do except be strong and silent  and smile with a corner of his mouth most of the time. Nazriya as Pooja is bubbly and very easy on the eyes as always. Aju supplies the laughs and the twists. Renji Panicker as the heroine's father is a surprise - a pleasant one, thankfully. He gets some of the best dialogues and was faintly reminiscent of Lalu Alex in one of his supportive father/husband roles. The rest of the cast past muster.

All in all, a good entertainer that can be watched reclining easily - no need to sit on the edge for this one. One sign I got of the movie's entertainment value - our kiddos made it past midnight without sleeping or demanding snacks! Or is it just that they have got our movie-crazy genes???? Hard to tell! :) If you're planning to catch a movie this weekend, you won't lose by going to Om Santhi Osaana!


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