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Movie Review: How Old Are You?

Ever since this event, we have known this would probably happen. At Karthi, we followed all the unfolding of events with an eagerness that even surpassed the interest in the formation of a new central government for the country.  Each bit of news was savored and shared. It hit the screens right after one record landslide win was announced. For the sake of one person alone, we hoped that the same would happen for this movie too...

It was hard to hold on to our maxim of "Never go for a movie in the opening weekend" this time.  But we did it and went to see the movie at the first opportunity last Sunday.

No actor could have asked for a better comeback vehicle. The first movie that was announced for Manju was one by director Ranjith and for old times' sake, it was pretty disappointing to have it come to naught due to story problems. But proving the extremely cliched but true adage that "Everything happens for the best," Rosshan Andrews' How Old Are You has happened.

Manju Warrier comes to life as Nirupama, a UDC clerk who somewhat all of a sudden becomes aware that the society thinks that she is past her prime. And she is, as she says, "Just 36." Certain factors clash and combine to make her feel unwanted, undesirable and a butt of jokes. Her saving grace comes when she is reminded of what she once was and how people still have that resplendent image of her. Whether Nirupama can recapture that old essence of herself is what the movie is all about.

Writers Sanjay and Bobby have concocted a gold mine of a script this time - especially because it will resonate with most around-40-year-olds regardless of gender. I think all people who are immersed in their respective callings and harried lives take a moment to stop and reconsider what they are doing in life around 35-40 years of age. In fact, it was my 35th birthday that provided me with the impetus to start this blog four years ago. Well, this movie will certainly sound the clarion call for those who are still sleeping and are unaware of their true selves!

Okay, okay there are other people in the movie too! Kunchacko Boban essays a slightly negative role as Nirupama's selfish and manipulative husband - does well too. Amritha Anil plays the brilliant 13-year-old daughter who is at once Nirupama's nemesis and salvation. Since the audience will become haplessly involved with Nirupama, it will be easy to overlook the character of her daughter who is a heroine in herself.  All the rest of the cast provide wonderful support for the central characters.  Starting from Kalaranjini who plays a spaced-out mother-in-law to Nirupama (and has dubbed for herself for the first time after her vocal cords were damaged) to the lovably hypocritical Thesni Khan all play memorable characters.

Sameera Saneesh is surely gonna have ladies thronging shops asking for wide-bordered "How Old Are You" saris. This is one movie costume designer who delivers with every movie that she does. 

Okay, untangling myself from the gorgeous saris, let me deliver the final verdict:

PLEASE go and watch this movie before you are a day older!!!


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