Jun 18, 2014

Post Anniversary Thoughts...

In celebration of our twelfth wedding anniversary, let me share this excerpt from Eric Maisel's The Creativity Book

"What are the contours of a good intimate relationship? Every successful intimate relationship rests on the following twenty building blocks. Both partners commit to:
  1. The care of each other's solitude
  2. The maintenance of emotional security
  3. The maintenance  of meaning
  4. The maintenance of passion
  5. The creation of at least occasional happiness
  6. A gentle demanding of discipline from oneself and one's partner
  7. A gentle exchanging of truths
  8. An acceptance of the limits of the human
  9. A minimizing of one's own unwanted qualities
  10. The support of each other's career and creative life
  11. The maintenance of friendship
  12. A monitoring of moods in oneself and one's partner
  13. An acceptance of difficulties
  14. A commitment to one's role as ethical witness
  15. The management of one's own self, life, and journey
  16. Careful communicating
  17. A bringing of one's creativity to the partnership
  18. The maintenance of a present and a future orientation
  19. Fair treatment of oneself and one's partner
  20. The creation of a safe environment"
I understand most of the concepts, except for "one's role as ethical witness", but I certainly get the gist. And I would like to add a rule no. 21. Here it is:

 21. The maintenance of an incorruptible, unbreakable sense of humor

As for us, we are getting there, getting there... Though I think that even when we are in our dotage I might still occasionally adopt my screechy fishwife tones and DH will still go ballistic to the point of bulgy-eyeness. So much for gentleness! But there is no one else I would rather do this whole thing with and I think THAT is what really matters!!!

What do you think? And if anyone can make out what building block no. 14 means, please let me know! ;)

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