Back again!

Yes, I know that it has been a long hiatus since my last post. But hey, I have a good reason! So here is the big news... We are back at Karthika! Yes, our poor abandoned home is not abandoned any more! It's now alive with the sounds and noises of its prodigal owners...

Our move was somewhat smooth with just a few mishaps which we managed to survive. The whole of last month were filled with packing, selling, sending, unpacking etc. and I have not seen the end of it yet. But at least everyone has enough to eat, wear and play with for the time being and we are happy. The rest will fall in place eventually...

Which is why I am typing this now - in the past I would have been frantically organizing and cleaning till everything was absolutely perfect before I even considered writing this post. Almost all our moves in the past saw me laid up for at least a week soon after we reached our destination with a bad cold/flu or a back ache. This time, in sync with my new resolve to chuck perfectionism, I timed myself and did no more than 15 mins of heavy work at a time and took plenty of rest and water - result? Our family is blessed with a happy homemaker who hasn't had a twinge - touch wood!

Well, enough of that. Obviously, I have not had the opportunity to break out my crafting supplies as yet. So let me leave you this week with something that tells you why I love this place so much. Our son has joined school and we have a daily trek of almost a kilometer to the bus stop each way. This is what I get to see on my walks.

Now, do you envy me???


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