Aug 2, 2010

Welcome to my bookshelf

I am officially in trouble - when we built Karthi, I had a bookshelf built in one of the bedrooms to house my collection of books - look at it now... and there are still books to come. Hmm... I think have some decluttering to do! I think it will also be better  when I have arranged them well... these are now in the state I thrust them in willynilly as they came out of the boxes. There are definitely some books that have no place in my life any more - e.g.  the "What to Expect When You are Expecting " seen in the picture below :) ... definitely need some decluttering!

I have also come across some books I never tire of reading - earlier I had this thumb rule while buying books - I would never buy a book unless I had enjoyed it so much that I wanted to own it and dip into it again and again. But soon I found that I couldn't borrow all the books I wanted to read - so I had to buy more! And now I have no room - and can't buy another bookshelf till some more urgent expenses are out of the way. So till then, some shelves even have to do some double duty like below!

Tell you what, I am going to organize those shelves in the coming week and probably tell you about some of the books I love among them. Would you like that? Do post your comments!

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