Aug 9, 2010

Movie Review: Katha Thudarum

The latest Sathyan Anthikad offering does not disappoint - as usual. I love his movies in that they are about normal people and circumstances that we encounter in real life - not about swashbuckling and roaring heroes who knock away bull-necked goondas with a mere flick of their fists. (If you are a Mallu, have you seen the svelte and weak-looking heroes swat the likes of well-muscled Baburaj and Riyaz Khan as though they are flies? Beats my imagination!) Katha Thudarum is no different - it speaks of a couple who are estranged from their families because they dipped into the wrong community pool for their life partners. The story begins when the husband is accidentally killed and the (unemployed) wife and little daughter try to make do without any help from the families.

Circumstances bring them into the shelter of a small, tightly-knit colony of an auto-driver, his landlady and miscellaneous neighbours. Together, they form a protective cordon for the little family that was on the brink of annihilation and the process is heartwarming and heartrending at the same time. My hallmark for a good movie is one that makes me laugh and cry along with the protagonists - and this has done that in ample measure. And I know it's even better when my husband complains of the stuffy nose it has given him - he vehemently denies that a movie can make him cry. This did give him a stuffy nose!!!

And as with the recent trend in Anthikad movies - it's not just the story of the main characters - almost all the cast of characters have their own unique story to tell - some funny and some tragic. There are also a lot of spoofs on recent trends in mainstream society. For example, earlier that day, I had seen posters of a currently "homeless" politician slated to attend some function. My husband wondered where he would get the attendees for the same. The movie gave us the answer and we looked at each other and broke into loud guffaws, startling our fellow spectators with our inopportune mirth!

The only thing I noticed that was not in sync with the movie was near the beginning, when the heroine asks the husband to help her by washing the dishes. Now there is no sight I like better - and I was watching like a hawk! What did I see? There were two clean bowls on the drainboard of the sink. The husband picked up one of them, "washed" it under the open tap and replaced it in the original spot, all the while spouting a complaint that she was making a musical genius wash dishes and coolly sat on the countertop afterwards! Aah, the joys of cooking and cleaning in movies!!!
I would like to hear your take on the movie if you saw it. Do comment...

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