Oct 10, 2010

Good morning!

Up at 4:30. A gloriously leisurely bath instead of the usual 10-minute dash. A breakfast of crispy, golden brown dosas to look forward to...

And in the meanwhile, a steaming mug of hot chocolate to fortify me...

The toughest question facing me - start a good book or play some more with Perler Beads? Hmm... think I will go ahead with the book in the spirit of the day.

It'll be at least an hour before a "Coo moning" from my toddler who will be smiling even while he's rubbing his eyes. Aaaah, the peace and quiet...

Wish you all a lovely Sunday morning!


  1. oooooooooo karthi i want to be there in ur kitchen to eat this dosa !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are always welcome, dear!!!


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