Oct 14, 2010

Wish you all a Happy Navratri!

Today evening, along with my son's school books, I shall be putting up my favorite hero pen (yes, I still use those and I do have inkpots!), a notebook, a paintbrush and my collection of crochet hooks for the puja. And I will religiously give up reading till Vijayadasami on Sunday. Yeah, I know that it is just meant for students mostly, but hey, when does one stop being a student in this world? Not a day goes by when we don't learn something - be it the best combination of grains to make good dosas, finding a perfect way to counter the tantrums of a toddler (diversion, of course!), learning a foreign language phrase from TV or even just the fact that wasp's nests are stuck to surfaces with glue that is stickier that Fevicol, but very elastic. So I will be putting up my tools for puja this year too, if not for anything else, just to remind me that I am still a student in the best sense of the term. Since my husband might need the laptop, I shall not be putting that up, but I am wondering about my second keyboard....

And yes, my voluntary giving up of all reading shall put me in the state comparable to that of the master wordsmith and our beloved MP Shashi Tharoor describes in his essay "Growing Up with Books in India" - ...I would find myself reading the fine print on the toiletries in the bathroom of the fragments of old newspaper that lined my clothes-drawers. I used to do the same when I was a kid! Oh, to be reduced to such desperation!

Once again, I wish you all a wonderful Navratri!

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