Enjoying the rain...

Phew! I thought the rain gods had deserted our district this monsoon. After the first week it was a repeat of the "almost-rain" scene in Lagaan. Thick, thunderous clouds would roll up over us then a strong wind would blow them all up north and drench all the districts north from Kollam with bounteous rain. I had had grand plans for my garden this planting season, but all came to naught - I even had to untie and bring down my trusty watering can which I had hung up in the first week of June! The only rains we had were the sneaky ones that came at midnight and left just a telltale freshness in the morning. It took the birth of Chingom to bring the rains finally to our place. Today the heavens are positively shrouded in grey and it's my favorite color for this season! I've had enough of sunshine, let me enjoy some rain!!!!


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