Aug 14, 2011

For all Malayali foodies out there

I have just been blog-trawling on this quiet Sunday morning before the rest of the pack was up. Blog trawling is one of my favorite activities - I go to my favorite blogs and then trawl through THEIR favorite blog lists opening several windows and tabs in the process. Before my comp was reformatted, I had thus collected more than two hundred blogs, classified and categorized neatly and carefully. Before giving my comp for repairs, I took the opportunity to declutter the list and only wrote down the names of a select few that are my regulars.

Today I found a site that I felt I must share with in the spirit of the Salt n' Pepper. It is . As the name suggests, it is mainly a compendium of  Malayali dishes, with added titbits. I was especially taken with the pictures on the home page. I don't have the time to check out individual recipes right now, because if I don't have dosas on the table within the next half hour, only inedible parts of me might be left by the time my family finishes with me. I would certainly not want to deprive y'all of your favorite blog author now, would I? :-)

Wishing you all a happy Sunday! Check out the site and let me know!

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