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Movie Review: Sneha Veedu

Going to a Satyan Anthikad movie is like having comfort food. You don't have excesses of flavor, just a lot of sweetness interspersed with just enough of other flavors to keep things from being boring...

So we have Mohanlal playing a rich Gulf-returnee who ploughs his money into reviving farming and farm-related industries as well as the cultural activities that he used to enjoy as a youngster. He is a man who likes to keep things simple and his avowed aim in life is to keep his mother happy. He eschews even marriage to that end. Well, he tempts fate with this focused attitude and fate retaliates by sending him a teenager who claims to be his illegitimate son! Life becomes a struggle in the process to remove this blotch on his immaculate escutcheon, but even his mother conspires against him by accepting the intruder with all her heart. All his attempts end in comic tragedy, so he sets out to Chennai to investigate. That is where the story becomes weak and improbable, but we all know what the outcome will be - Satyan's heroes are too full of the milk of human kindness to respond in any other way.
But hey, do we watch Anthikad movies for the plot? No. We watch it for the sweet relationship vignettes, the little sub-plots full of humor and pathos and the wonderful atmosphere of love that permeates through it all. We know there will be moments when we forget ourselves and laugh loudly at innocent comments and when we'll struggle not to cry in some tender moments. I think these are the hallmarks of a good Anthikad movie and Sneha Veedu has all these. Even the familiar cast and music director work its own magic. Edgy, violent and grey movies may tickle one's palate for a while, but Anthikad movies are like wholesome food that you go back to every time.

The cast as usual has given stellar performances, except for the newcomer Rahul Pillai who plays Karthik, the unwelcome visitor into the hero's life. Easily forgivable considering all the pain he has to portray. I have developed a special liking for Sheela in her elderly avatar. She was a treat in Manasinakkare and does very well in this too. Biju Menon, Lena, Padmapriya, Innocent, KPAC, all handle their simple roles with ease. Innocent as "Karinkkannan Mathayi" reminded me of my mom. She too had just to comment on the size of a papaya to have the whole plant come down the next day! Fortunately, she has left off commenting for a long time now!

All in all, Sneha Veedu is a good getaway from the daily grind. Enjoy!


  1. Nice to read this article, Sree. I wish to watch the movie.


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