Oct 7, 2011

Golden lusciousness and the flu

My morning is so dreary with a hacking cough that's hurting my chest. So I thought I'd cheer you up with some golden lusciousness from my kitchen

Yup, that's pure homemade butter I made from the cream I skim off everyday and keep refrigerated. It's one of the blessings of living in a village - I once tried making some from the cream gleaned off packaged Amul milk while we were staying in Pune - all I got was a bitter slush that wouldn't even gather like butter. Talking about packaged milk - are you sure that you are getting milk at all? When we were buying milma milk three years ago, my DH would once in a while buy a dozen packets saying that would keep us going for a week. Invariably, the third day, I would have curdled milk on my hands and we would have to buy again. In Pune, we once left a packet of milk in the fridge for a week when we went to Delhi. I just tried boiling it when I got back and it was still okay! Recently, my sister-in-law bought a couple of packets - not milma - and left it in our chill tray. I saw it only two weeks after she left! In spite of my best curdling efforts, that too did not curdle, only a small portion of it seemed to be in two minds about staying fresh!

In case you are screaming at me saying that I don't NEED all that butter, I've already melted it down to golden ghee and put it away safely! Now let me go and suffer from my flu in silence...

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