Jackfruit buffet

Yesterday I was waiting for Anikkuttan's bus to come pick him up in the morning when I was attracted to a commotion in our front yard. There is a jackfruit tree near our gate providing a lot of welcome shade. Since it's a koozha, no one is fond of its fruit except to make kumbilappams.  So we leave the ripe ones alone and once they fall and squash themselves open, we collect the seeds to make mezhukkupuratti and leave the lest to enrich the soil. Today a new one had fallen and this is what I saw...

A few pecks later, this guy screeched away the brown sparrow (?) and came for his share

Meanwhile, a sparrow was so curious about my actions that she came hopping right up to me and gave me this shot - closest I've ever got to a bird in my entire life!!!

Soon some mynahs came hopping up and waited till the others had a tummy full. And no, they did not say "klaaa klaa klee klee klooo kloo" - have you ever heard mynahs say that???

Although they were very polite about waiting their turn, they turned a leeetle rowdy when it was time for them to share... Whoa there!!!

Then it was time for a furry friend to get into action...

All the while, a little someone was tugging at my elbow and I had to keep scolding him because it's tough getting a steady picture on digital zoom. Oh yes, Ani was wearing a new "Krishna and Chotta Bheem" t-shirt which his aunt had given him this weekend. So here's the little guy modelling it...

And one picture wasn't enough ! He called me over to the gate and kept changing his poses as fast as I could click them...

Hasn't he got that snooty model look down pat? Here's another...

And just look at this, I swear I didn't give him any directions for this either!

This coupled with the grief that he gives me over tussles about each day's outfits has got me convinced that he was a fashion icon/model the last time he came to earth!!!


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