Aug 26, 2012

Movie Review: Mr. Marumakan

A must watch - for the wonderful evergreen Indian dress called a sari. Keep looking at Khushboo (except in one song fantasy sequence and the last scene) and at Sheela (in the last scene also) for a veritable feast for the eyes as they don vibrantly gorgeous saris and matching accessories in each scene. I felt like devouring the screen whenever they were there. Keep focusing on the saris and you can escape having to beat your own head to pulp for having chosen this movie on which to spend time and money. Poor DH, he couldn't even enjoy the saris (although he did take a look at Dileep's  double-colored shirts with cuffs turned halfway up the sleeve)!

Please tell me who did the costumes - we missed the titles of the movie in a traffic jam and couldn't catch it. Neither can I find it on the net.

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