Jun 13, 2013

As if the monsoon storms were not enough!

- Your mom is in hospital undergoing surgery for cancer.

- Your dear, 5-month-pregnant sister in law dislocates her knee in a freak accident, lands up in another hospital.

- Your sweet two-year-old niece is taken to the emergency with sudden convulsions and starts a high fever.

- Your brother-in-law is downed by chicken pox.

- You are stuck at home, not being able to go anywhere or do anything for any one of the above.

All this is thrown at you within 24 hours and you have my plight yesterday. I went almost crazy (not to say anything about depleting my phone balance) trying to keep tabs on all my loved ones in trouble. Since my brother needs constant company and my kids will need someone to come home to from school, I have to stay at home.

What they say is true - action is the best remedy for worry. My kitchen got uncharacteristically neatened up. The garden suddenly lost a big patch of weeds. Holes were poked into new garden beds and seeds were sown. These activities were punctuated by intervals of stillness, giving thanks for the blessings received, watching and drinking in the rain with my eyes, marveling at the exuberant green that has sprung up all around withing just twelve days of monsoon. 

By the time these were done,

- Mom was out of surgery, recovered her consciousness.

-  Sis-in-law received excellent care, the baby is safe and she will be out of the hospital today.

- Niece is fighting back, thankfully no more convulsions, receiving care for fever.

- Brother-in-law is recuperating in his brother's house where all have already passed the ordeal.

The day is much more peaceful. 

All things pass. 

You just have to hold on.

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