Dec 26, 2013

Movie Review: Drisyam

What a way to spend a Christmas day! After a disastrous attempt to watch Drisyam that ended up in it staying "Adrisyam" last Sunday - I couldn't even find the end of the ladies' queue - we tried online booking to find no more reservable seats. So after drinking some extra-strong tea yesterday evening, we reached the theater by 5 pm for the 630 show. I took the first place in queue in front of the box office and waited till 645 to get the coveted tickets. Canny soul that I am, I did carry a book in my bag that helped me bear the looong wait. Poor DH had the tougher assignment of getting our car into the theater parking lot - which he barely accomplished just before the ads came on. I haven't seen such crowds at a movie theater bar a few opening days - and those we religiously avoid.

Was it worth the wait? YES, YES, YES! I won't give away even a teeny bit of the story line here, because this is a must-watch movie. Suffice to say, you won't need but the seat's edge to sit on in the second half of the movie. Oh yes, the film takes a long time to describe the protagonist's background, but once done with that, it's a really engrossing tight-rope act that has you holding on for dear life! 

Mohanlal and Meena handle their roles beautifully in the middle of quite a few superb secondary characters. The only disappointment is Asha Sarath who fails miserably in balancing her role - her over-emoting is especially glaring when set against such a smooth and subtle performer like Siddique. How I wish Shobhana had been given that role! But the plum role has fallen to the lot of Kalabhavan Shajon. After a long spate of nameless / minor characters as comic or villainous sidekicks, Shajon has proved his mettle with a tough role - you have to see it to believe it!

So there it is, an "old-generation" family thriller that has no need to resort to obscene language or crude sentiments to draw in people by the hundreds - I don't know how many were turned away without tickets before each show. It just needs a good story, fantastic director and a supportive cast. Do go and watch Drisyam in the theaters!!!

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