Dec 4, 2013


It's so easy to get out of a good habit. I can blame my non-writing hiatus on the rush I've been in. But I know that it is just an excuse. It was not a dearth of writing inspiration or subjects that prevented me either. It just felt so overwhelming ... the thought of having to keep tapping at the keys for a long time and think about the apt word to use in a particular context...

So this post is just a placeholder. To convince me once again that I can write and needn't be exhausted from tapping the black keys or revolving thoughts in my mind...

As to what we have been up to at Karthi - with the exception of the first weekend in November, we have been traveling every weekend since our Madurai jaunt. The trips were good, we had a lot of fun and cozy times with family. In the midst of all this traveling we also managed to squeeze in the enrolment of our younger one in his brother's school (took us two days) and managed to celebrate the elder's birthday.

But there was the inevitable fallout due to the frequent changes in weather, water and surroundings. The kiddos and I got through with sniffles and coughs. But poor DH wasn't going to stop there. He went ahead and had an eight-syllabled malaise, ending up in hospital for eight days. It guess it was his body enforcing rest after he worked hard during the week and traveled long distances in the weekends. Thankfully that is all behind us. DH is back home and at work. I have stopped running between home and hospital. To be on the safe side, we have decided to go not farther than 25 km from Karthi in any given direction for at least a couple of months. So feel free to drop in!

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