Finally, I've switched to part time!

Today I'm inclined to be in a little nostalgic and sentimental mood...

Here's our younger one about a month after he was born...

And here he is when he was an expert at pulling down all things that were 2 feet above ground

He still had no teeth on his first birthday...

And we had to bribe him with tens of Parle-G biscuits to get him dressed up like this...

This is him exhausted after his second birthday party... reminds me of one of Kamal Hassan's poses in the posters for Sagarasangamam!

And this is the famous mud baby picture

Here he is on his third birthday...grinning, no doubt, in anticipation of wolfing down that cake...

Now why am I so nostalgic? Here's the answer...

Nidhin has started going to school today. We actually meant to enroll him this June in LKG, but when we went to the Montessori school in November to fill the application form, he went in and started playing and refused to come back when we called him. That was a signal to us that he was ready to join. So he has gone to school and I am left with a huge amount of time. Feels like I've finally switched to part-time mommying from full-time.

I no longer have to be on 24/7 on-call duty as caregiver/playmate/nursemaid/accident-preventer/teacher/entertainer/referee/consoler. I don't have to jump up in the middle of something at the prompt of my mommy-sense to find a kiddo raiding the fridge/scribbling on the wall/hanging off the entertainment center/pasting the pages of books with glue/playing with water etc. I don't have to keep yelling "Anikkuttaaaaaa" every 15 minutes to find his whereabouts. Every weekday from 9:30 to 3:30, I will be free to do what I want, uninterrupted. Then why am I so devastated??????

On the other hand, it might do me some good to have my best reason for procrastination out of the way. So here's to part-time freedom! Hurrah!!!!


  1. It may take a while to get adjusted to having so much time to yourself...but as you said, u get some ME time... so it is all good.


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