Jan 2, 2012

Helllllloooooooo 2012!!!

Wow, what a way to begin a new year! The last day of the year I got a surprise mail package from one of my dearest friends. Let me show you!

That is the first page of a fabulous desktop calendar that she has made. It's a joint family venture with my friend providing the illustrations...

That's the picture for the January page. And each picture is accompanied by a short poem by her very talented daughter who happens to share my birthday. So you can guess that she echoes my sentiments exactly as follows! :-)

Each page is delectable and I obviously can't put all the pages here. It is all the more special because my friend has an extremely demanding IT job and has made this special effort in the midst of her hectic job.

Once again, thanks a lot Anitha!

The next gift came in a more homely shape and attire and insisted on lightening my load in the new year...

Yup, our firstborn insisted on making dosas in the morning!  He made up for lack of technique with a lot of enthusiasm...

 The poor guy was too hard on himself when the dosas turned out wonky. But my encouragement and the way his little brother scarfed down the wonky ones mollified him a little...

By the time he was almost done, the dosas were almost circular in shape. Now all I have to do in the morning is saunter into the dining room in my PJs and breakfast will be steaming in a platter before me.

Well, a gal can always dream, can't she???

Happy New Year once again and hope yours started off on the right foot too!


  1. Im sure you would be soo proud of Kunjunni!Now though I am very biased towards girls,these are the times I crave for a son.U know its really sweet when u have caring & loving Boys!I have to add Kunjunni is someone who is special to both Dinesh & me,knowing him from his baby days,when he was stuck in the TV stand & not to forget before that he was a present for our marriage too!!!!:)


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